Wood Chiavari Chair

The wood Chiavari chair comes in the most varied assortment of finishes. Including our newest colors like Pearl and White Wash!! This is the go to chair for most event companies because of it's ease to either retouch or refinish as well as repairing.

  • Chairs are shipped assembled. (KD "unassembled" are available upon request)

  • Made from high quality, commercial grade, hardwood.

  • The seat is one piece solid wood.

  • Seat is secured with 4in. "L" brackets.

  • Chairs are coated with a heavy laquer.

  • Stackable design for easy transportation and storage

  • Ten (10) colors available including Two (2) New !!

  • Container quantities available.


  • Size: 36"H x 15.5"D x 15.5"W

  • Seat Height 17.5"

  • Weight (1 pc.) 11 lbs.