Resin Chiavari Chairs

The resin Chiavari chair body is made from a single piece frame and the seat. Two pieces that add to its stability and durability. No nuts or bolts to worry about. These are shipped ready to be used. You will never need to tighten it's legs. Chair is molded from from a matching tone resin. No ugly black or white base color to worry about. It's tone on tone makes it almost indistinguishible to small scratches or scrapes.

  • Chairs are shipped assembled. (KD "unassembled" are available upon request)

  • Made from high grade Resin.

  • The seat is one solid piece

  • Chairs are UV treated to prevent fading. (Perfect for outdoor and high humidity locations)

  • Stackable design for easy transportation and storage

  • Six (5) colors available including One (1) New !!

  • Container quantities available.


  • Size: 36"H x 15.5"D x 15.5"W

  • Seat Height 17.5"

  • Weight (1 pc.) 13 lbs.