The Chiavari chair is the most popular and elegant ballroom chair in the market. It is very versatile, accomodates to small and large event spaces. It fits perfectly into any event from weddings and black tie events to church and outdoor functions and so much more. Chiavari chairs are an event rental companies must have. Our Chiavari chairs are built to meet industry standards.

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Resin Chiavari
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Wood Barstool
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Wood Chiavari
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Clear Chiavari Barstool
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Aluminum Chiavari
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Kids Wood Chiavari
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Steel Chiavari
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Kids Resin Chiavari


The Chiavari chair is the most popular and most elegant ballroom chair in today's market. It is very versatile; great for weddings, corporate events, elegant parties, outdoor events, church functions and so much more! Chiavari chairs are a party rental company must-have! They are built to meet industry standards.

Wood And Resin Chiavari Chairs

Starting at $36.00 Each

See chart below on the right for prices.

    • Chairs are shipped assembled

    • Made from high quality, commercial grade hardwood.

    • The seat is solid wood (not hollow!)

    • Chairs are coated with a heavy lacquer finish.

    • Stackable design makes them great for transporting.

    • Include high density, anti-marking feet.

    • Frame is assembled using bolts, not screws

    • Four brackets under the seat make them sturdy.

    • Uses standard velcro strap box cushions.

    • Size: Seat Height 17.5" - 30" H x 15.5" L x 15.5" W - Weight: 11 lbs.

Can be sold with or without chair cushions Cushions available in your choice of white, ivory and black Cushions sold separately - $3.99

Upgrade to a wood base cushion!

Chairs starting at $36.00 each with Cushion (see price chart below) 

Chair Colors: Gold - Silver - Black - White - Fruitwood Natural - Mahogany - Pearl

NEW COLOR - PEARL Please add $2 per chair for this color.



Resin Chiavari Chairs

Starting at $43.00 Each

See chart on the right for prices.

    • The entire frame is one molded piece (legs, back, and crossbars).


    • Our Resin Chiavari Chairs have a single piece frame. No nuts or bolts to worry about.You will never need to tighten the legs again.

    • Chairs are shipped ready to use. No additional assembly fees.

    • Made of high grade K-resin (Polycarbonate).

    • UV treated to prevent fading. Great to use for indoor or outdoor events

    • Stackable design makes it great for transporting.

    • Non-stick and anti-static finish.

    • Container quantities are available.

    • Can be sold with or without chair cushions

    • Cushions available in your choice of white, ivory and black

    • Unassembled Chiavari Chairs sometimes in stock. Check for availability.


 $2.99 ea. or $2.50 with purchase of Chiavari chairs.

    • Keep your chairs from getting scratched during transport and storage

    • Keep them clean

    • Chairs easily stack on each other.

    • Fit both wood and resin chiavari chairs.

Chair Prices





40- 99


100- 199


200- 249


250 or more Call 951-277-2657 for special pricing.

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 Chair prices include free regular cushion in white, ivory or black.

Wood Chiavari Barstools

$53.99 each including cushion in white, black or ivory

Click here: BARSTOOLS

 10 minimum order. Please call for color availability.